Hairstyles For Women Aged 50+ With Different Facial Forms

It is not a secret that there is no other person on this Earth that would look exactly like you. This fact makes us all unique human beings who should embrace their individuality and manifest striking differences. There may be a thousand beauty standards and you may suit none of these, however, you are still the most beautiful person in the world. In this blog post you can learn more about the beauty standards and how to fit them. This empowering vision must be shared by women of all ages and all appearances globally.

Now, let us discuss how women aged 50+ perceive their beauty and freedom of self-expression through appearance. Luckily more and more people worldwide start accepting that aging is a natural and beautiful process to be embraced rather than ignored. Those who have already joined this perspective also know that sometimes our hairstyles help us express what we feel even more vividly than makeup or clothes do. To better understand what happens with haircut trends for older women, let us look at our findings below.

How Facial Forms Help Us Choose Hairstyle

One of the crucial features women should always take into account when choosing the haircut is the facial form. There are generally three traditional facial forms people have including long, round and square faces. They definitely should not be regarded as the only measure since we all are different and many have forms falling in between these categories.

Still to better understand which hairstyle suit to which forms, let us examine the following list:

  • long faces: to reduce the length of your face, try to do it at the expense of the forehead. Covering it with bangs would be one of the most common options. Blunt cut straight or slightly slanting bangs work good, so do waves pushed on the forehead. Try to keep the length of bangs up to 1/3 of the face length;
  • round faces: medium hairstyles usually work the best for round faces since locks cover the sides making your face narrower and cuter. Long hairstyles for round faces are no less popular thanks to the super beneficial vertical lines elongating a full face. By pairing these with some bangs, you can achieve the long-desired perfection;  
  • square faces: in order to soften and round striking angles of a face try to incorporate layers and loose waves in your hairstyle. Things to avoid would include straight bangs and hairstyles, mimicking the shape of your face.

Thus, one can see that differing facial forms require different approaches and the right decisions. One can easily spoil the look by choosing naturally unsuitable form of a haircut to a specific facial form. Therefore, before telling your hairdresser what to do, make sure to consult with his or her professional opinion as there might be something you are not very well aware of and do not want to happen.  

All in all, we all are beautiful in our own way. However, by embracing our uniquenesses is actually the only way to full self-acceptance and alleviation of any beauty standards.

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