How to do hairdos for long hair

How to do hairdos for long hair

If you have long hair, you know that there are so many different hairstyles you can rock! Whether you’re looking for a casual style or something more formal, there’s definitely a hairdo out there for you. In this article, we’ll show you how to do different hairstyles for long hair.

Low structural beam

What you need

  • comb;
  • curling iron;
  • regular elastic band;
  • hair bows.

First, lightly . Then separate equal strands on the sides. The middle part of the hair should be larger than the rest.

Gather this part in a ponytail, slightly lifting the hair up for volume. At the end pull them out not completely to make a kind of bundle.

Slightly pull the strands at the top of your head. Wrap the tip of the ponytail around the bundle from right to left across the top. Secure the hair with the hair buns to the left of and above the bun.

Divide the hair into three sections. The middle one should be bigger than the side ones.

Pull up the remaining ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin as well.

Take the left side of your hair and put some locks in the front. Lightly twist your hair above the bundle, pull it out a bit and fix it on the right side.

Similarly, attach the right side of your hair to the bundle.

Put the rest of the ponytail under the bun and fasten it with bobby pins, leaving a few loose strands underneath.

If necessary, adjust the bun to make it look more relaxed.

Detangling hair with voluminous braids

What you need

  • a curling iron;
  • comb;
  • hair bows;
  • invisible elastic bands.

First, curl your hair. Then make a fleece on top: first separate a small strand near the forehead, lift it up and actively go over the roots with a fine comb up and down. Cast the worked-out part back to the face. Comb the other strands in the same way, up to about the middle of your head.

Flip the hair back again. Lightly comb them out, gather them in the middle and secure them with pins, placing the hairpins crosswise.

On one side under the fleece . Pull out the strands to make it look more voluminous. Secure it with an elastic band. The length of the braid should be such as to cover the bobby pins from the previous step. Similarly braid hair on the other side of the head.

Place one braid on top of the fishnets, and another braid just below the first one. Fix the braid with braidlets.

Tweak the tails of the braids so that the strands do not stand out from the rest of the hair.

A low braid of twisted locks

What you need

  • Comb;
  • invisible elastic bands;
  • hairpins.

Gather hair around the edges and make a ponytail in the middle. Slightly straighten the strands on the sides.

Divide all hair into three parts. There should be some strands left under the ponytail. Remove the side parts to the front for convenience. Split the middle strand in half.

Work with the central part of the hair first. Twist one strand, flip it over to the second strand and twist it too. Twist the strands between each other. Pull the hair out to make it look . Secure the edge with an elastic band.

Twist the rest of the hair in the same way. Secure them with elastic bands.

Take the middle strand behind the base of the ponytail and pull it down. Repeat the same with the rest of the ponytail.

Pull two other strands of hair in the same way. Use bobby pins to hold the bottom of the ponytail down.

Low ponytail with knots

What you need

  • comb;
  • rubber band;
  • hairpin bows;
  • invisible elastic band;
  • a decorative barrette is optional.

Gather hair in a low . Separate a small strand from the side and wrap a regular elastic band around it. Secure the tip with a bobby pin under the ponytail.

Separate one strand on each side. Put the right one on top of the left one over the ponytail.

Thread the left lock under the loop and make a knot.

Cross the ends over the ponytail, bring it forward and knot it again.

Add some hair from the ponytail to the ends.

Cross the strands again behind the ponytail and knot in the front.

Make a few more knots in the same way and secure with an invisible rubber band.

Gently pull out the strands for volume. If desired, decorate the base of the ponytail with a wide .

Voluminous hairstyle with a low bun

What you need

  • comb;
  • invisible rubber bands;
  • rubber band;
  • hairpins or bobby pins are optional.

Use an invisible rubber band to gather the top part of the hair into a ponytail.

Gather the strands in the middle of the head and connect them with an invisible rubber band to the top ponytail. Slightly pull the hair between the elastic bands and on the sides.

In the same way make lower another ponytail and also pull strands.

Pull the usual rubber band on the remaining hair at the level of the last invisible rubber band.

Then, without pulling out the strands, twist the rubber band and put it on the resulting . The video below has all the details.

Then wrap the bun again with an elastic band to hold it tighter. If necessary, fix it with bobby pins or hairpins.

Three fishtail hairstyle

What you need

  • comb;
  • invisible elastic bands;
  • hair bows.

Separate a small strand at the top from the side and braid a not too long fishtail. About how to form it, we told in . The video below also has visual instructions. In the process of braiding, pull the strands to make the braid more voluminous. Tie it up with a rubber band.

Make exactly the same braid on the other side.

Use a fishtail to hold it in place with a fishnet in the middle of your head.

Take a strand under the base of this braid, twist it and fasten it in the same place as the fishtail.

In the same way pin another braid and another twisted strand.

In the middle separate a small part of the hair and start braiding another fishtail.

Then pick up the strands on either side and add them to the braid.

Continue to braid the fishtail until you run out of hair. At the same time, pull the strands slightly for volume. At the end, tie the braid with a rubber band.

How to do hairdos for long hair

Loose hair with twisted strands and a small bundle

What’s needed

  • comb;
  • curling iron;
  • hairpins.

Curl your hair. Grab two small strands on one side and twist between them. Secure with a bobby pin.

Twist the locks on the other side and fix them in place with a blindfold next to the first lock.

Gently pull down the edges of the strands to add volume.

Take a section of hair in the middle and fold it in half.

Twist the resulting loop and put the tip of the strand there. If it is not easy to do it, watch the video tutorial below.

Make a small bundle more voluminous by pulling it out from underneath the bottom.

Secure the bundle with bobby pins on all sides.

Hairstyle with three buns

What do you need

  • comb;
  • Invisible rubber bands;
  • barrette;
  • hair clips.

Gather the top of your hair into a ponytail. You can leave a couple of loose strands in the front.

Fix the ponytail with a hairpin for a while so it doesn’t get in the way. Make another ponytail in the middle, leaving some of the hair at the bottom. Remove the second ponytail and form a third one under it.

Remove the barrette and release the ponytails. Holding the base of the first one from underneath, take it from right to left across the top.

Then make a loop from the right side of your hair and pass the tip of the ponytail through it. Secure the bun with bobby pins. The video below shows the whole process in detail.

Connect the tip of the first ponytail with the second. Bend the base inside.

Take the rest of the hair, from left to right, through the top.

Pull the strands through the resulting loop and fasten the bunch with bobby pins.

Connect the tip of the second ponytail and the third one. Bring your hair from right to left through the top and pass it through the loop. Secure the third bundle with the hairpins.

Tuck the remaining hair under the last bundle and also secure it with bobby pins.

Twisted locks for a crown

What you need

  • comb;
  • invisible elastic bands;
  • hair bows;
  • curling iron.

Divide your hair in half. Fix one part with a rubber band so that it does not get in the way.

Separate a small strand from the other half in the front. Take your hair back to the other side and split it in half.

Make a ring around the locks, trying to twist each one separately. Tie it up with a rubber band.

Remove the rubber band from the other strand and let a little hair out of the front for beauty. Twist the part released from the rubber band in the same way as the first.

Place the strands crosswise.

Bring the ends forward, wrapping your hair around your head. Secure the locks in place with bobby pins.

Wrap the strands that hang down in front.

A low twisted ponytail

What’s needed

  • comb;
  • Invisible rubber band.

Divide hair in half at the bottom.

Tie a knot out of your hair: slide the right side over the left side and slide the second side under the first. Tie it up. The video below shows the process in detail.

Bring the strands down and twist each of them slightly.

Place the right part on top of the left part and twist them again.

Continue twisting the hair and secure it at the end with a rubber band.

Slightly straighten the strands on top and in the ponytail to make it look more voluminous.

Low volumetric tail

What’s needed

  • comb;
  • invisible rubber bands.

Divide the hair into three parts. The middle one should be larger than the side ones.

Gather the central part of the hair at the bottom with a rubber band. Above it with your fingers divide the hair in half and put the ponytail inside. The details are in the video below.

Do the same and extend the side ponytails.

Pull through the middle ponytail right.

Then pull the same way the left tail. Gently pull locks of hair in ponytails and over them, to make the hairstyle look more voluminous.

Put two back ponytails behind the front one and fasten with an elastic band.

Split in half the ponytail, which is now at the back. Also put your hair forward and secure it with a rubber band.

Continue to make ponytails almost to the end of your hair.

Pull the strands so that the “braid” gains volume. Try to cover the rubber bands with your hair.

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