The Most Beneficial Hairdos For Any Occasion

Cornrow is an excellent hairdo for everyday life which makes it possible for girls to create a new unforgettable look and easily stand out from the crowd. Such an eye-catching `do is suitable for any style and looks perfectly in any situation – it’s possible to wear it at work, at a party or attending a formal event. Girls with fine hair may do thick braids which will add volume and make hair look much thicker, while ladies with thick hair may choose tiny micro braids which will let them create a fresh, edgy look.

What Hairdo To Give Preference To

Braids and cornrows are really relevant nowadays. They can be braided in lots of diverse ways and make you look different every single day. Braiding cornrows is fascinating and simple if you already have certain skills and experience which will help you do a hairstyle you want to. So how is it possible to braid two cornrows with side part?

  1. Basic cornrows. First of all, wash your hair and dry it naturally. Then, it’s worth parting your hair in rows from front to back and dividing the first row into three small sections and start braiding them. Add strands while braiding and continue doing it until you get to the bottom. Secure the end with a pin and use styling products for making your hairdo last longer.
  2. Double Dutch cornrows. This is one of the simplest braids to do at home on your own. First of all, you need to make center parting and tie away one side. Create a triangle section and split hair strands in three, then pass inner strand of hair under the middle one as well as pass outer strand under the middle strand. Continue this technique, adding hair with each pass. Secure the braid once at the bottom and repeat on other side. Spray your hair with a hair spray in order your `do to last longer.
  3. French braids is an excellent option for going on a romantic date and creating a unique image. Firstly, choose a side to begin with and do a foundation braid. Then, it’s worth dividing the top layer of the loose side of your hair into three pieces. Start braiding French cornrow by taking one strand and placing it on top of the center piece. Add additional strands of hair from the sides as you continue down the side of your head. Fix it with a pin.

If you only learn to make braids, then it’s suggested to stick to simple techniques at first, such a way it will be possible for you to gain certain experience which will help you braid more complicated cornrows. Beautiful, eye-catching braids require practice and knowledge, so start doing simple French or Dutch braids before getting down to braiding complicated hairdos.

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