Your New Image In Blue Shades

Blue color is considered to be one of the trendiest ones when it comes to dyeing the hair. Such an extraordinary shade makes it possible for ladies to create an eye-catching, unique look which won’t leave anyone indifferent. Azur strands of hair are in style nowadays – blue highlights are often chosen by girls who are willing to change their hairstyle, however are not ready for revolutionary changes.

Blue Strands Of Hair As A New Trend

Highlighting is the simplest way to reach the desired result and create an unforgettable image. Blue strands are a catch for girls with brown locks – they can style both light azure shade and saturated navy blue hue.

The most widespread ways to change the image with the help of blue strands of hair are:

  1. Blue strands on blonde hair. Stylists recommend blondes to dye their locks starting from the roots – either dye individual strands of hair or dye the whole head.
  2. Blue strands on dark blonde locks. Ladies with dark blonde hair may highlight their locks tips, such a way it will be possible to keep the natural color untouched and cut azure highlight off in case you get tired of them or are willing to try something new.
  3. Dark brown hair with blue highlights. Blue is the most relevant shade for brunettes – blue highlights on dark locks look just fantastic and, at the same time, suitable letting you create any look you want to.

Highlights on dark hair always look brilliant and can’t remain unnoticed. Following the latest highlighting trends, you will be able to create an unforgettable image and always be in style.

On The Way To The Changes

Dark brown hair with blue highlights will be a catch for every lady who is willing to add volume to the hair roots, look younger than her age and change her look. Moreover, highlighting is one of the most unique ways to change the hairstyle – you only dye half of your hair and won’t damage it. The right azure hair dye will make your locks look airy, glowy and healthy even if they are dyed often.

If you are willing your new hairstyle to be really trendy and stylish, then it’s worth dying strands of hair both light and dark blue – such approach will make it possible for you to create a noble, fashionable look. Cool azure strands will look perfectly on medium ash brown locks, while warmer blue shade will be a catch for ladies with bronzed brown, light golden brown and butterscotch hair color.

Blue highlights are often chosen by girls who are willing to change their style and look more eye-catching and extraordinary. It’s a brave choice requiring confidence and a desire for changes. If you are willing to create a unique image and not ruin your hair, then it is essential to go to an experienced stylist who will be able to dye your hair the way you want to and make it look even healthier and shinier.

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