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Fancy Purple And Black Nail Designs

Nice and fancy manicure is one of the main components to make the whole style look finished. And sometimes women pay not so much attention to their nails, as they really need. And this is the problem. People usually do not focus on every detail in the whole look, when all small and tiny details are perfect. But, it is really easy to notice when nails are totally without manicure and look completely untended. So healthy nails are not always visible, but still very important detail to be flawless.

The biggest problem of every manicure is the decision what color of the nail polish to apply and what design to make. So fashion and color trends help here a lot by leading everyone to right colors to choose. This year, purple completely runs the world and appears not only in clothes and interior, but also in manicure trends. Every woman saw all those stunning models on the fashion runways, and this year they wear purple and black nail designs. Fortunately, the variety of designs is really huge and every woman is able to choose the right design to her own liking.

Table of Contents

Trendy purple nail designs

  • Gradient.  Last few years, ombre designs set all records worldwide, including fashion, home design and nails. Light purple to dark purple, magenta or even black will be very trendy. Purple to yellow or other bright contrast colors is a great decision for summer.
  • French Tips. Unusual variations of classic designs are always a good idea. Why not to try different purple colors all over the nail and the thin line of black, white or pink on the tip? Such designs look fresh and classy at the same time and the number of variations is huge.
  • Glitter. Purple itself looks luxurious but making a duo with glitter it becomes magnificent! Purple glitter is an absolute winner, when someone wants to be the perfection from head to toe.
  • Color Accents. This category gives an opportunity to show all the creativity. Black polka dots on purple nails or vice versa, floral designs on light purple or violet background, white or magenta laces on nude nails, colorful stamping or just simple lines. Experiments are welcome.
  • Matte Top. Glossy nails are classic, so one of the ways to bring something interesting to the design is making them matte. Matte top all over all ten nails or just on some of them, matte French tips or glossy polka dots are super easy and creative at the same time.

There are a lot of different nail designs today and it is not so easy to choose one. The biggest problem is the color, but every year trends bring an opportunity to solve this problem easily and create a perfect manicure.

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