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What Could Navy Blue Nails With Silver Designs Tell About The Person?

Colors are voiceless, but every color is able to tell a lot. Every hue has its own definition and the colors women use as their nail polishes usually show their current mood. It is even possible to express the unique personality with nail designs or clothes. For example, a woman who wears navy blue nails with silver designs could be considered as The Snow Queen, because such colors are usually associated with winter, something cold and women with blue nails or clothes are seemed to be unpleasant and not so friendly. But blue could be even summery tone. In the list below there are some meanings of different undertones of this unique color.

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Variations of blue

  • Sky. This is a hue of happiness and stability. It is the color of the cloudless sky at noon. It also represents faithfulness, trust and heaven. It is a delicate summer nail tone, also looks good with floral designs and warm color accents.
  • Navy. Navy blue is mostly considered as deep, but neutral hue. It looks perfect in every season of the year, especially in duo with silver. It means wisdom, confidence and intelligence, so when a woman has navy blue nails with silver design, she could be considered as someone, who likes rich colors, but wants to be formal at the same time.
  • Cobalt.  Cobalt blue is also called Royal. And it is definitely the right name for such color. It is lighter but deeper then navy. This shade is very rich and shows the superiority and the excellence of the owner. It is the perfect hue for special occasions and it looks better with gold accessories and accents.  
  • Arctic. The coldest hue in this list. Icy blue tone in everyday life, clothes and nails could mean that someone has an introvert type of personality. But it is the great color for winter nail designs.
  • Ocean. Ocean color is a deep blue with dark green undertone. Ideal hue for autumn nail polishes and designs. Psychologists believe that this color relates to peace, intuition and freedom.
  • Indigo. Darker cobalt blue with purple undertone creates indigo. It is also called midnight blue. The person who loves this hue definitely has very powerful, intense personality, sincerity and justice.
  • Denim. This is the traditional jeans tone, something like dusty or worn out blue. It is very cozy and atmospheric. Denim nail designs are a good idea for late windy autumn or early cold spring.

Colors play an important role in the visual perception, because every color and all undertones have their own meanings. They are able to help to express the personality and to share the current mood with everyone around. At first blue hue could be considered as cold, but it could also be warm like the summer sky and cozy as warm autumn coat. Everyone can find the right one.

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